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With numerous pubs, theme bars, restaurants & night clubs,we’ve got everything covered!
Night times in Newquay are reserved for partying.
There are no curfews so you can enjoy Newquay’s amazing night life to the full.
Sailors, Berties, Tall Trees, The Chy, The Koola, The Beach, Barracuda, Help, Central, Red Square are just some of Newquays many night clubs and bars.
So whatever music your into you'll be sure to find a great venue for your night.

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Newquay surfing Beaches:

South Fistral beach is well capable of producing some fine waves which usually break left and provides some protection from cross-shore wind. Best from mid to high tide, but watch out for submerged rocks on your right. To save some muscle try jumping of the rocks when surf is big - beginners stay well clear! S to SE wind is offshore. Crowded in summer.

When big swells are coming in, North Fistral works at all tides. Best waves are produced at low tide when barrels and excellent peaks remind us all why this is UK's premier surfing spot. Mainly a right hander. Lefts carry some hazard at high tide as they could take you on to submerged rocks and currents. Good for beginners. Super crowded in summer.

Little Fistral is a small bay only visible at low tide which is only time it is surfed. Waves break in both directions depending on sand bars. Watch for incoming tide as it can cut you off from the rest of the world and only way out is rock climbing! Not recommended for beginners.

Newquay Bay consists of four beaches - Towan, Great Western, Tolcarne and Lusty Glaze which form one single mile long stretch of sand at low tide. All four beaches can offer great waves depending on wind, swell and sandbanks.

Crantock. Fairly good beach break. Sheltered from SW and NW winds but best at SE'rly. River Gannel flows out at the northern end which can build good sand bars. Good quality right-hander can be found here at low tide sheltered from NW wind. When the swell is bigger, southern end produces a good left-hander sheltered from S and SW wind which is best from low to mid-tide. Good for beginners if conditions are not to big.

At low tide, Watergate Bay turns into two mile long stretch of sandy beach break heaven. If there are any waves around, this one will pick them up and serve for your enjoyment as both lefts and rights. Works at all tide stages but very popular at high tide as it is one of only few beaches that gets good at high tide. SE wind is best. Favorite with Newquay locals in summer who seek to escape crowds. Good for beginners but watch for incoming tide as you risk being cut off.